Talia Golchin, is a British/Iranian (b. Tehran 1986) multimedia artist based in London. Talia works in painting, sculpture and contemporary digital media. She received a BA in fashion design from UCLAN and MA in Fine Art from Central Saint Martins in London.  Her work has been exhibited internationally including: 

‘The Pursuit Of Harmony’, Art Basel, Basel, Switzerland (2022),  sponsored by La Prairie in collaboration with Bauhaus foundation in Dessau  -  ’Prologue’ at Pearlona Common Room, Shanghai, China (2021)  -  Barbican Arts Group Trust - London (2021)  -  Central Saint Martins MAFA Degree Show, Candid Arts Trust, London (2021)  -  Art In The Age Of Now, Fulham Townhall, London (2021)  -  Tittytainment Age at CIJ Logan Symposium, Collective Intelligence, London (2020)  -  I Promise You, Interim Show, Apiary Studios, London (2020)  -  SALE Tate Exchange, Tate Modern, London (2020)  -  Do Knot With ‘ER’ at LUX Online, London (2020)  -  Those We Love And Loathe, Saatchi Gallery, London (2018).

Talia Golchin’s practice deals with personal themes based around identity, sexuality, gender dynamics and class, as well as her interest in topography and science. Her art addresses questions around ambiguity and unfamiliarity with the body, particularly the female body. In ‘The Umbilics’ series, Talia depicts physical forms as rotund and featureless bodies arranged in the confined space of the canvas using chalk pastels, oil paint, fabrics and needle/thread.  Materials featured in The Umbilics series are heavily influenced by her fashion design background.  The featureless bodies of Umbilics are dismantled into parts and reconfigured with interlocking curves. Through this notion of dismantling and re-forming, piling and squeezing of body parts Talia tries to make sense of being detached from her own body. A form of resistance against restriction and confinement of the female body. In her most recent work ‘Euphoria’, Talia explores her interest in the body further by focusing on the connection and synergy between the mind, the body and the natural surroundings. Using this concept Talia creates a sense of oneness and connectivity that is explored through her own interpretation of harmony. ‘Euphoria’ will be exhibited at Art Basel in June, 16-18, 2022.