The ambiguity of human nature is at the core of Talia’s art, and her desire for exploring sensitive topics through diverse use of painting, sculpture, digital as well as computer generated art. Her love of painting was formed during her childhood in her native city of Tehran, and further developed by her family’s artistic influence and her multi-cultural upbringing.

Studying art and design at college triggered a new fascination in exploring other methods of art making. She was especially drawn to the world of fashion from an artistic point of view which was further informed by her studies at UCLAN where she experimented with form and structure, as well as, developing new digital skills. Her final collection was a series of six fabric sculptures portraying Gender, Power, Sex and Humour inspired by the childhood life story of ‘Wayne Thallone’ published in the Sunday Times. “What it feels like… to have grown up in a brothel” was showcased at the LGFW in 2012.

In 2015 whilst working as a fashion designer in London, Talia started her work as an independent artist developing new digital work alongside her intuitive oil paintings.

Her first project as an independent artist ‘Those We Love and Loathe’ has been exhibited at Saatchi gallery (sept 2018, London).

As a MFA student at Central Saint Martins, Talia’s work explores the links between themes of power transference, impact of social/cultural conditioning on human relationships, class, identity, sexuality, body and aesthetics.

Her current collaborative work with MFA and MACCC students for the CIJ (Centre For Investigative Journalism) Logan Symposium 2020 ‘Collective Intelligence’ addresses the current human experience on/offline merging reality with fiction.